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Kelly Marshall founded Custom Woven Interiors, Ltd. in 1992. Marshall received her Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Design at the University of Minnesota, specializing in textiles. She continued studying weaving and design for one year in Sweden at Forsa Folkhogskola and in Belgium at the Belgian Lace School.

Kelly Marshall is recognized for combining rep weave’s rich texture and linear structure into extraordinary textiles inspired by the aesthetics of the Arts & Crafts movement, contemporary design, and traditional Scandinavian weaving.

Marshall shares her insite through lectures and workshops and believes interns are a valuable addition to her studio and to the continuation of the development of the fiber arts.

Published in 2012 is Marshall’s glorious book “Custom Woven Interiors: Bringing color and design home with Rep weave”, including over 18 projects, design inspiration, and technique and tips on weaving Rep.