Kelly Marshall believes in giving back to her community. Each year Custom Woven Interiors donates funds and textile products to organizations supporting social, cultural and environmental causes both locally and internationally. These organizations are crucial to our communities, serving marginalized and targeted groups often missed by governmental support.

We support family and children groups that bolster self-confidence, purpose and self-worth. The programs we commit to are helping children with brain injuries and disabilities, stocking food shelves, offering housing and educational programs for kids, and retraining adults for job placement. We especially enjoy giving to clubs and camps. For urban kids, LGBTQ youth, and children living with HIV, these programs do inspiring work that encourages young people to be themselves and enjoy the beauty of our natural environment.

Kelly is passionate about enjoying the great outdoors and believes that our natural environment strengthens our physical and mental wellbeing. Contributing to organizations that work to protect our wilderness areas and waterways, support sustainable farming, and protect our pets and wildlife helps ensure nature’s presence for future generations.

We believe that preserving the arts and our cultural connections are crucial to our development as humans throughout life, so we love supporting creative arts programs in schools and throughout our community.


Second Harvest
Boys & Girls Club
A Chance to Grow
Lake Street Council
El Colegio
100 Days of Summer Camp
One Heartland Camp
Good Weave
Hands In Outreach
Sharing & Caring Hands
Planned Parenthood


Environment MN
MN Land Trust
Earth Justice
Minneapolis Farmers Market
Farmer to Farmer
National Wildlife Federation
Environmental Working Group Animal Humane Society


Weavers Guild of MN
Textile Center
Marcy Arts
American Swedish Institute
Handweavers Guild of America North House Folk School
Cultural Cloth