Learn all about weaving from Kelly in her book:

Bringing Color and Design Home with Rep Weave

by Kelly Marshall

Kelly Marshall, designer of contemporary handwoven home furnishing textiles, presents contemporary textile designs that emphasize color and pattern, along with suggestions for their use in home settings, in her book focusing on the popular Rep Weave technique.

Custom Woven Interiors includes 18 project sets of related items such as rugs, table runners, placemats, throws, curtains, upholstery, pillows, dishtowels, and bedspreads, all beautifully photographed in Marshall’s own home. All of the items pictured can be reproduced from Marshall’s weave drafts and detailed instructions.

Marshall also provides insight into designing for the versatile Rep Weave technique, and tips for finding design inspiration, and translating that inspiration into a woven textile. Weavers at any level, designers, and anyone interested in contemporary fabrics for interiors will find this book a valuable resource.

Custom Woven Interiors
Published by Custom Woven Interiors, Ltd.
Hardcover, 130 pages, 10.5” x 8.5”
ISBN 978-0-9852071-0-6

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Book pages bath rug
Details explanation of bath rug design from book

It’s a gorgeous book with stunning photos and ample descriptions and drafts. I love your most tasteful selection of colors and complex designs, especially those inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright! You are a true artist! Thanks for publishing your lovely book and for taking the time to explain your processes in detail. You’ve added a whole new dimension to rep weave and I imagine have inspired others (as well as me) to further this craft.

~ M. Knowles