Textiles & Care

At Custom Woven Interiors, we create hand-woven textiles for both residential and commercial settings. We custom design and weave rugs, wall-hangings, table coverings, pillows, throws, curtains, and upholstery. All of our pieces are finely crafted and combine rich colors and textures to bring warmth and beauty to any interior.

Our custom designs are a collaboration between the ingenuity of the weaver and the client’s discriminating taste. Each piece is designed for a client and woven in a limited run so our stock is always changing. The traditional Scandinavian rep weave creates textiles of an enduring nature.

Its geometric structure enhances linear design styles and the rich texture lends dimension to this flat weave technique. The threads are tightly interlocked for increased wearability. Our textiles are made of all natural, color–fast cotton and linen yarns. They are reversible and washable.

They are easily cleaned by machine washing on a cool, gentle cycle and line drying. (The throws and light weight fabrics may be gently machine washed and dried, they are pre-washed.) If the textile is too large to fit into your own washing machine it can be washed or dry cleaned by a commercial cleaner. The rugs may be vacuumed, without a rotating brush, in between washings. Some shrinkage is to be expected with the first washing.

Kelly Marshall loom for handmade rugs

Some of the looms at Custom Woven Interiors